Project Red

Tonight I'm sharing another one of my current projects. This is a game without a name, currently I'm calling it Project Red. It shares some visual similarities to Unwinding in terms of its wireframe rendering, but it's a different project.

Red is an opportunity for me to immerse myself in my love of Mizuguchi's seminal title Rez. Sentris also embodies many ideas inspired by Rez, primarily musical in nature. Project Red is the yang to the yin of Sentris. It's a journey through a recognizable but indefinable structure. A literal exploration of an impossible space.

From a creative perspective, it's a chance for me to incorporate more studies in color, lighting, motion, and mood. For my process it's also a chance to "let go", as it were. I spent so much time closely examining the shapes of Sentris, nudging them by millimeters to be "just right". The 3D assets for Red are heavily processed, to a degree that I can't predict the final result when I'm building shapes. Allowing myself to make volumes and connect lines while knowing that most of the data will be modified is liberating. A chance to explore moods from a perspective that isn't quite as biased toward what "should be".

And yes, Project Red is a VR game. I'm working on it alongside Unwinding, and other projects. If you want to support my work, please become a patron.


Unwinding is the code name for one of my VR projects. It's still early in an experimental / prototyping phase but it's becoming something very interesting. It's a meditation in existing amongst an impossible space, using a pseudo-outer space motif. There are currently two distinctive game design directions to take the game, and I'm exploring them both. I'll be writing about the process as I go.

I'm planning to release unwinding on GearVR at some point in the future, either as a concept or as a finished game. You can support the continued development of unwinding by donating to my Patreon campaign. Patrons get high-resolution images of the game as it evolves. And if you have a VR headset you pledge to receive access builds of the games while they're unfinished (if you're into that sort of thing).